Monday, 8 August 2011

Think-a-Toy Contest Winners!

Assalamualaikum everyone :)
First of all, we had a tough decision to choose which toy won the contest, but then after analyzing, we chose the best three. Toys yang lain juga tersangatlah menarik, tetapi kami harus memilih hanya 3 sahaja untuk beri hadiah. Apa apa pun, If your toy didn't make it, atleast now your suggies have new toys right? Congrats kepada semua yang masuk top 20!! Clap clap for you and your glider! So here it goes, the moment that you've been waiting for. Decision telah di buat, sebarang ketidakpuasan or ape ape will not be entertained, Inshaallah kalau ade rezeki, kami akan buat contest lain pula :)

THE WINNER a.k.a First Place jatuh kepada
FUN CUP by designer KHAI

First runner-up jatuh kepada

Second runner-up jatuh kepada
2in1 by designer SITI

CONGRATULATIONS to all three of the designers, beautifully done :)

Hadiah akan di pos selepas raya, please email me your alamat and contact number di

-ang! ang!-


  1. auww.. too bad sy x menang. owh well.
    congrats to all of the winners!

    psst.. tuan empunye blog wat la contest besh2 lg ek? ^^

  2. zaffy.. can i get ur email adress?