Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fruits and Veggies that my Babies LOVE!

Saja cantik cantik

Untung nye ade sugar glider sebab mereka makan buah and sayur yang manusia pon makan. So, while we serve them their meal, we can get healthy also by taking some! Di sini I NEED to remind you, there have been SOOO many perceptions and views on what fruits are safe for sugar gliders, Yes, memang banyak. But here I don't want to say what is safe for them or what is unsafe for them. I am not a nutritionist or whatsoever. I'm sharing here the fruits I serve for Glittle and Ginger until they are strong and healthy now, and Alhamdulillah, they have reached the age of ONE year and three months till the day I'm writing this post. Some may agree or disagree, Up To You :)

1. Sweet Persimmon
2. Watermelon
3. Honeydew
4. Sweet Melon
5. Ciku
6. South African Apple (Any apple is ok but they LOVE this one)
7. Jambu air
8. Rambutan
9. Lai
10. Pear
11. Longan
12. Manggis
13. Kurma (Pernah bagi sikit je)
14. Strawberry
15. Cucumber
16. Japan Cucumber
17. Tomatoes
18. Cherry Tomatoes
19. Sengkuang
20. Sweet Mango
21. Papaya (Jangan bagi banyak sangat nanti poop cair)
22. Golden Kiwi (Mahal sikit la)
23. Carrot (Keras and not so advisable sebab kesian)
24. Sweet Plum

So thats about it. Remember, DIFFERENT FRUITS GIVE DIFFERENT REACTIONS TO SUGAR GLIDERS. Maybe mine is ok with Kurma, but yours isn't.

-ang! ang!-

Mistakes that I've done :(

OK! Being a newbie to sugar gliders, I didn't do enough research before i got Glittle, so di antara all my suggies, Glittle sahaja yang banyak mengharungi all my mistakes. SORRY Glittle! When i adopted him, I just relied on what the sales person from the petshop told me.  So here, I'm gonna tell you the mistakes that i have already done :( GUILTY GUILTY!

1) Please give them water. I did not sediakan air untuk Glittle minum sebab the seller said, Suggies do not need water. They can survive on the juice from the apple from the fruit itself.

2) Do not buy Glass Cages. Suggies are not for display only. They have to have dinding yang membolehkan them to panjat2, and jump. So buy a proper cage for them.

3) Spend time with them. The seller told me that we don't have to spend much time with them, just five mins a day is enough! WHAT ?@#$%^*&%??? Tapi saya tak la ikot kata seller tu. I spent time with Glittle most of the time.

4) Always change their toys. Sugar Gliders get easily bored if we don't tukar tukar their toys. When they have nothing to do, and to know the signs that they are bored, they will repeat one action berulang kali. Like jumping in a circle berpuluh puluh kali.

5) Put a wodent wheel for them to exercise. At first, I did not buy the wheel because it costs rm120. But then I thought to myself that i give him enough food and nutritions in his body but muscle will never grow unless he exercises. Oh, buy the wheel which has the sticker saying it has been approved by the association ape entah. Just to ensure our glider's safety. Biar mahal asalkan sehat. And it is worth it because Glittle loves it!

-ang! ang!-

Get to know Glittle !

Basic Info
Name : Glittle Graham Bell
Nick Name : Glittle, Brittle (during his naughty times)
Gender : Male
Adopted Since : 29th June 2010 (he was 3months old) at IKANO

Interesting Facts
Fav fruit : Sweet Persimmon
Fav veggie : Sengkuang
Fav treat : Mealworms ( sikit sahaja diberi )
Fav spot : My arms

Glittle is the most manja one of all, I can talk to him and tell him stories and he seem like he understands. Glittle will merajuk if saya lama tak main dengan die. He can bite till I BLEED! But after he bites, he will lick my fingers sebagai tanda hendak groom. He loves to be in his bonding pouch and refuses to go out. When he's in the mood to P-L-A-Y, he will play, but sometimes he just loves to stay still. Glittle also likes to jilat habuk which I HATE sangat sangat! Gigi Glittle is SUPER TAJAM! Oh, he also has this ANNOYING HIGH-PITCHED voice which bugs me at night if he barks. 

Funny Moments
Once he was sleeping so nyenyak-ly in his cage, I dropped something and dia terkejut lalu terus serta merta keluar dari pouch and kayuh wheel laju selaju yang mungkin! ahahahaha mengigau agaknya!!!! Glittle oh Glittle, My first and ever :)

-ang! ang!-

Why I started this blog

OH! Before anything, need I remind you that I am NOT a Sugar Glider expert, I am not a vet or whatsoever. I just want to share how I raised my FIVE little babies into healthy strong sugar gliders InshaAllah. Yes, In this blog, I am gonna share what mistakes have I done, and also how I correct them. OK start !

I'm an animal lover and have always been. I had cats and rabbits before just like everybody else. I always go to pet shops and see different types of pets, and one really really caught my attention : SUGAR GLIDERS!  
AHHHH it was too expensive for me cuz one costs like rm350. I'm a student and there's NO WAY i'm gonna afford that! 
But day by day, I just couldn't stand it. Soooo, tanpa membuang masa, I actually bought one! I hate to say the word 'BUY' or 'BOUGHT' or 'BELI' cuz they are makhluk Allah just like us and I just don't have the right to say that. So let me gantikan dengan the word 'ADOPT'. Sounds better right? ehem ehem. 
Ok, So bagi saya yang tak tahu apa2 tentang Sugar Gliders ni, ( I did not do any research and I know it's MY FAULT ) saya pon pilih la yang paling comel! 

The cost was approximately like this :
1) Sugar Glider : RM 320
2) Glass Cage  : RM 160  ( I Know saya tak patut beli Glass Cage )
3) Sleeping Pouch : RM30
4) Bonding Pouch : RM40
5) Other Small Things : RM30 (Bekas makan, etc)

TOTAL : RM580 

Fellow friends, JANGAN and DO NOT follow what I did, I bought a Glass Cage because I stay in a hostel and I stay with my friends, so I didn't wanna bother my roommates sebab kalau beli yang kaca MAYBE tak dengar bising, tak bau busuk, etc. 

So itulah sedikit sebanyak on how i adopted my first and ever sugar glider. On this first post, I'm sharing more on the price. But in my future posts, I'm gonna tell how I raised my Little Glittle to become a STRONG MACHO one and a half year old Glittle!
Stay Tuned!