Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Get to know Glittle !

Basic Info
Name : Glittle Graham Bell
Nick Name : Glittle, Brittle (during his naughty times)
Gender : Male
Adopted Since : 29th June 2010 (he was 3months old) at IKANO

Interesting Facts
Fav fruit : Sweet Persimmon
Fav veggie : Sengkuang
Fav treat : Mealworms ( sikit sahaja diberi )
Fav spot : My arms

Glittle is the most manja one of all, I can talk to him and tell him stories and he seem like he understands. Glittle will merajuk if saya lama tak main dengan die. He can bite till I BLEED! But after he bites, he will lick my fingers sebagai tanda hendak groom. He loves to be in his bonding pouch and refuses to go out. When he's in the mood to P-L-A-Y, he will play, but sometimes he just loves to stay still. Glittle also likes to jilat habuk which I HATE sangat sangat! Gigi Glittle is SUPER TAJAM! Oh, he also has this ANNOYING HIGH-PITCHED voice which bugs me at night if he barks. 

Funny Moments
Once he was sleeping so nyenyak-ly in his cage, I dropped something and dia terkejut lalu terus serta merta keluar dari pouch and kayuh wheel laju selaju yang mungkin! ahahahaha mengigau agaknya!!!! Glittle oh Glittle, My first and ever :)

-ang! ang!-

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