Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Why I started this blog

OH! Before anything, need I remind you that I am NOT a Sugar Glider expert, I am not a vet or whatsoever. I just want to share how I raised my FIVE little babies into healthy strong sugar gliders InshaAllah. Yes, In this blog, I am gonna share what mistakes have I done, and also how I correct them. OK start !

I'm an animal lover and have always been. I had cats and rabbits before just like everybody else. I always go to pet shops and see different types of pets, and one really really caught my attention : SUGAR GLIDERS!  
AHHHH it was too expensive for me cuz one costs like rm350. I'm a student and there's NO WAY i'm gonna afford that! 
But day by day, I just couldn't stand it. Soooo, tanpa membuang masa, I actually bought one! I hate to say the word 'BUY' or 'BOUGHT' or 'BELI' cuz they are makhluk Allah just like us and I just don't have the right to say that. So let me gantikan dengan the word 'ADOPT'. Sounds better right? ehem ehem. 
Ok, So bagi saya yang tak tahu apa2 tentang Sugar Gliders ni, ( I did not do any research and I know it's MY FAULT ) saya pon pilih la yang paling comel! 

The cost was approximately like this :
1) Sugar Glider : RM 320
2) Glass Cage  : RM 160  ( I Know saya tak patut beli Glass Cage )
3) Sleeping Pouch : RM30
4) Bonding Pouch : RM40
5) Other Small Things : RM30 (Bekas makan, etc)

TOTAL : RM580 

Fellow friends, JANGAN and DO NOT follow what I did, I bought a Glass Cage because I stay in a hostel and I stay with my friends, so I didn't wanna bother my roommates sebab kalau beli yang kaca MAYBE tak dengar bising, tak bau busuk, etc. 

So itulah sedikit sebanyak on how i adopted my first and ever sugar glider. On this first post, I'm sharing more on the price. But in my future posts, I'm gonna tell how I raised my Little Glittle to become a STRONG MACHO one and a half year old Glittle!
Stay Tuned!


  1. hye zafirah..i know about u when i research on youtube n then i foolow the link to this blog..it was an excellent blog..i kne evrything..i nak tyer lah..whe u at hostel how did u care for ur sg? soon i will pursue my study..can u told me about ur experience? hehe thanks a lot =D

  2. i also did as what the shop told me..=_='
    i'm also noticed that they do really need our attention and care..huhu thanks a lot for ur blog.

  3. Kak zafirah bali sugar glider nie kat ner ,jikalau akak nak bagi tau saya kat mane akak beli sugar glider nie plis call this number 0193043372 =my number Azeem tk very much Kali akak bagitau saye kat mane akak beli sugar glider nie.saya nak tau sangat kat kedai sugar glider coz saya amat germinate dengan haiwan ini