Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fruits and Veggies that my Babies LOVE!

Saja cantik cantik

Untung nye ade sugar glider sebab mereka makan buah and sayur yang manusia pon makan. So, while we serve them their meal, we can get healthy also by taking some! Di sini I NEED to remind you, there have been SOOO many perceptions and views on what fruits are safe for sugar gliders, Yes, memang banyak. But here I don't want to say what is safe for them or what is unsafe for them. I am not a nutritionist or whatsoever. I'm sharing here the fruits I serve for Glittle and Ginger until they are strong and healthy now, and Alhamdulillah, they have reached the age of ONE year and three months till the day I'm writing this post. Some may agree or disagree, Up To You :)

1. Sweet Persimmon
2. Watermelon
3. Honeydew
4. Sweet Melon
5. Ciku
6. South African Apple (Any apple is ok but they LOVE this one)
7. Jambu air
8. Rambutan
9. Lai
10. Pear
11. Longan
12. Manggis
13. Kurma (Pernah bagi sikit je)
14. Strawberry
15. Cucumber
16. Japan Cucumber
17. Tomatoes
18. Cherry Tomatoes
19. Sengkuang
20. Sweet Mango
21. Papaya (Jangan bagi banyak sangat nanti poop cair)
22. Golden Kiwi (Mahal sikit la)
23. Carrot (Keras and not so advisable sebab kesian)
24. Sweet Plum

So thats about it. Remember, DIFFERENT FRUITS GIVE DIFFERENT REACTIONS TO SUGAR GLIDERS. Maybe mine is ok with Kurma, but yours isn't.

-ang! ang!-

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  1. yes..i admit it..10 artikel saya bace mengenai diet SG ni, almost 10 facts berbeza..so my mum told me maybe each SG have their own fav food..and sometimes ade SG yg sesuai dan ade SG yg tak sesuai..