Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Get to know Ginger!

Basic Info
Name : Ginger Butter Cookie
Nick Name : Ginger
Gender : Female
Adopted Since : 28th October 2010 (she was 4-5months old) at Suggies Shop

Interesting Facts
Fav fruit : Ciku
Fav veggie : Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes
Fav treat : Yogurt drops
Fav spot : NONE! She runs everywhere

Tak padan dengan jantina, Ginger sangat lah aktif and also ganas. She doesn't bite but she runs and jumps a lot. I sweat every time I handle her. She will always seek for my attention from her cage cuz she wants to go out all the time. In the morning, she is the only one who searches for food while others are sleeping. It's just her habit. Even though she is so active, suka kayuh wheel, I know she has a soft heart because when she gave birth to both her twins, she handled it perfectly and full of L-O-V-E. She might get rimas-ed by her kids sometimes, but she keeps on menyusu-ing her kids till today. Ginger is a fantastic IBU!

Naughty Moments
Once I was asleep and i forgot to lock their cage, suddenly while I was sleeping I felt something on my body, It was GLITTLE! I panicked because I looked for Ginger and she wasn't there so I burst into tears. Not long after that, I heard a sound from the fridge ( dok hostel ade fridge dlm bilik), then rupe rupe nye Ginger dah dekat peti ais dah! Hmmm nak curi makanan keeee??? Alhamdulillah she was safe!

-ang! ang!-

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