Friday, 17 June 2011

Get to know Jazmin!

Basic Info
Name : Jazmin
Nick Name : Jazmin, Desmond (sometimes)
Gender : Female
Adopted Since : 22nd of April 2011 (She was two months old)

Jazmin Moments
When I first adopted Jazmin at Suggie Shop, I immediately connected with her and just knew she was the one. I went to that shop just to buy some pouches for my babies, and ended up taking Jazmin home. Jazmin is Glukose's GF.  Memang kene cari GF yang lagi older than the male. 
Jazmin is very MANJA since the first day I held her. She slept on my hands instantly! Now she lives in the same cage with Garlic and Glukos. Everytime saya jenguk cage, MESTI dia nak keluar. When she's sleeping, if she hears my footsteps coming near the cage, she would cepat cepat tunggu depan pintu and buat muka kesian. But I'm always very happy to bawak dia keluar sebab among all, dia paling tak aggressive. She doesn't jump around and it is very easy to handle her. Everytime I feed her, she will take time to sniff that fruit first, then dah lama baru makan. Even yogurt drops! Most suggies would ambik je yogurt drops and makan terus, but not Jazmin. I love you Jazmin!
Oh! Jazmin seperti menganggap herself as a BIG sister to the others sebab she will lick Garlic and Glukos, hug them while they sleep. I feel sorry for her bila kene letak Garlic and Glukos pergi cage Glittle and Ginger. Yela, the other two tu kene minum susu lagi. Jazmin would just stare at the other cage and wait for them to come back. Bila saya masukkan si dua lagi tu, TERUS die peluk peluk sampai si dua tu RIMAS. Kesian Jazmin.

Jazmin, looking after the two babies

-ang! ang!-


  1. sweet gile jazmin..

  2. actually kat mana nak beli SG yang harganya below than rm300 ek?

  3. kat suggie shop