Sunday, 5 June 2011

When Glittle laid eyes on Ginger

The title sounds romantic kan? Not so fast! When I first brought Ginger home, I was so excited to introduce them to each other! Yela, Glittle kan duduk tidur sorang2 je, takde kawan. So Glittle memang dari kecik dah biase duduk sorang or just spend time with me. Ginger pulak, when I adopted her, she was in a cage with 20 other sugar gliders. So I guess dia memang dah biase. 

So I just wanted to try lah mula mula to put them in the same cage, then you wanna know what happened? Glittle straight away kejar Ginger like he wanted to eat Ginger! He was trying to tell Ginger that it is his territory. Ginger pon crabbing. Kesian Ginger. Oh well, so i immediately put Ginger in her own temperory cage. At that moment, I thought they would NEVER ngam ngan each other :(

What I did to get them to be cool with each other is :

1) Put their cages beside each other. Really close but not too close. Close enough to smell and see each other.

2) Exchange their sleeping pouches. Like dua hari Ginger tidur kat pouch tu, then I will give it to Glittle pulak guna, and vice versa. Biar diorang biasa dengan bau.

3) Exchange their everything! bekas makanan, tempat minum and toys.

4) When I put Ginger in her bonding pouch, I would let Glittle walk around that pouch and smell Ginger. They can't bite each other because sorang kat dalam and sorang kat luar. Vice versa.

So I would do those steps repeatedly untill mereka boleh ngam dengan each other. Like once in 3 days I would try to let them meet like really meet on my hands, IF masih bergaduh, I would seperate them again and do those steps all over again. Memang susah and penat, but that's just what we have to do. For me, it took around 1 week and a half sahaja, which is a really quick process for me. Some people take more than a month to bond two sugar gliders. So i am really thakful :)

So at last, they met on my bare hands, I started with sorang dalam pouch and sorang kat luar, then keluarkan both, I had to ask my partner to help me, and then, VOILA! they sniffed at each other, bau bau dulu, kemudian cium cium, kemudian peluk peluk and at last groom each other! Since then, I never separated them anymore. Kerja pon selesai, mereka pon dah bercinta. Alhamdulillah!

-ang! ang!-


  1. good entry zafirah!
    hehe..kita pon nak belikan partner untuk baby kita ni.sian dia duduk sorang2..and entry ni boleh la tolong saya untk serasi kan diorang..
    owh ya..1 more thing, awak letak la widget follow kat blog ni.senang sikit nak follow.i like ur blog~

  2. very cute indeed. naseb da bley bond. :)

  3. Thanks for the support! bagus la kalau blog ni dapat membantu :)

  4. w0w!!! c0melnye sugar glider nie....
    nk bela lha...:):):)

  5. akak zafirah ade facebook???