Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hello there :)
Just a quick update! Today I went out with Jazmin seorang. Glittle, Ginger, Garlic, Glukos tinggal rumah sebab I just wanted them to have their tiny family time. Yela, Jazmin is not technically their darah daging. I adopted her to be Glukos punya wife. Anyway, she behaved dalam KTM. Adala orang pandang2 pelik sebab Jazmin intai intai dekat tingkap. Anyway, sebenarnya nak share satu benda. 
I finally used the Bonding Pouch that I made! Yay for me! It was safe, big, comfy, and, matches my outfit! 

Yep! It's big! Fits all my suggies. And it looks more like a bag, so i feel comfortable bila memakainya di tepi :)

Kite semua pon boleh design and jahit pouch sendiri untuk kesesuaian diri masing masing. Trust me, Puas Hati! And most importantly, our suggies can feel the love from us. Chewah...

-ang! ang!-


  1. mksd sy suggie..jual tak?mane tau kot kot dpt murah.aha

  2. why not awak wat pouch n jual...handmade.. =) saya nak beli! cantik la polka dot tuh.. =)

  3. hehehe terima kasih! tapi, belom bersedia nak jual. maybe lambat laun nanti bila dah improve, i'll sell :)