Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How I bond with Ginger aka Halia :)

Bonding Process with Ginger

well well well as we all know, I already adopted this young lady called Ginger. She was about 5 months old, and she is older than Glittle. So cadangannye nak kahwinkan mereka supaya menjadi partners for life. I didn't get Ginger untuk mereka dapat anak. I got her to become Glittle's wedded wife. Ahaaa Romantik kan? Anyway, bukan se-simple itu. Tak payah Glittle, even with me Ginger will crab when I want to hold her. Oh, 'crab' tu bunyik yang dia marah. Amboi, kat kedai tak crab pulak! Control cun ye kat kedaiiii! So I took time to bond with Ginger. I asked everybody I knew for tips and advice, and they all gave me good advices. Thanks! So what I did for Ginger was jeng jeng jeng!

(Chop! Nak bond ngan FEMALE yang dah 5 bulan ni susah sikit - GARANG)

1. Koyakkan sikit baju yang saya pakai, and put it in her bonding pouch as well as her  sleeping pouch. (Memang banyak baju saya korbankan). This is for her to be familiar with my smell. Do not put shirts yang ada perfume. Kesian die bersin2. Letak je baju tido ke ape. Sikit pon jadi.

2. Whenever she crabs when I wanna hold her, I pretend that I'm not scared, and just hulurkan my tangan. Let her crab, let her be scared. It's totally OK. We have to show that we are here to help her. Sugar gliders feel scared and terrified at this stage because they feel lonely. So when shee feels like i'm not scared of her, then she will slowly come to me. OK, in different cases, kadang2 umpan la pakai buah, treats ke ape. Kalau die tak nak jugak, it's OK, jangan paksa.

3. Kalau dulu I take Glittle everywhere I go, now it's Ginger's time. I will explain to Glittle as if he understands :)  So i spend time dengan Ginger, even when she's sleeping in her pouch. I try to carry her pouch on my chest so she can hear my voice, kenal my bau, and also to get used to the environment sekeliling me.

4. The best way to bond is just to simply communicate with them. Biar la orang nak kata gila ke ape, at least have some interaction. It was really hard for me to interact with Ginger because she was like sooo aktive lompat sana sini. So what I did was like kalau dia lompat, I'll say things like "wow! pandainye lompat! good girl!". Yeah it sounds akward, but I got used to it. Di akhir tu, bagi la treats sikit. Kesian die dah semangat tunjuk skill :)

So that's how i bonded with Ginger. When I say bond, it doesn't mean bonding tu manja2, leh tido sama2, nope. It means that she doesn't crab bile I hold her. She is naturally active so that's my 'bonding' term that I use on her. Even sampai sekarang tak boleh dok diam dia tu! ehehe I love you Ginger :D

-ang! ang!-


  1. assalamualaikum k.zafirah, ummmm...saye selalu bawak sugar glider saya dalam pouch, selalu sangat sampai pegang2.tapi kadang2 bile nak amek die dalam sleepig ouch die crabing.tapi die kenal saye ketak

    kan saye selalu bawak die dalam pouch n pegang , boleh tak saye letak de dekat atas badan main main ngan die?

  2. tapi die tak selalu crabing.tapi saye ade due sg bile saya nak amek yang lain, yang lain crabing. bile saye pegang yang selalu bunyi tu die tak crabing pulak pelik la....tapi bile nak ambek crab kalau dah pegang tak crab...

    harap harap akak fahm ye ka...ak

    (ni anonymous yang kat atas)