Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The BEST DIET according to a vet

Emergency Update.
I know It's Glittle's birthday, well hadiah nya is a trip to the vet. HADIAH KE? ehehe anyway, He is not with me right now. But my wakil teman kan Glittle and Ginger pergi vet to do a check up. I've been to 2 vets so far and this is my 3rd one. 
The previous vets tu I can't tell di mana because the vet tak bagi advertise, but you can PM me or anything. 
Satu vet tu bagus, tapi ramai orang datang so kene tunggu lama. The other vet tu doctor tu macam kecoh kecoh sikit, and apparently, he gave THE WRONG medicine to GINGER!

OK, let's just skip that part and go to the main part.
This clinic nama dia HEALING ROOMS, terletak dekat dengat Subang Parade.
The vet memang nampak like berpengalaman sangat (based on what my Wakil told me)

So, bermula lah kisah medical check up.

Glittle : 94grams 
Ginger : 66grams

Glittle is normal because dah nak 100 grams, tapi Ginger kurus sikit. Dia memang baka kecik pon. Tapi now dia pregnant. So kene take good care of her lebih sikit sebab ada baby. 

Here is the diet for ADULT sugar gliders:
PROTEIN 70% - potong ayam rebus in cubes. Anggaran dalam sebesar line pertama pada jari kita, itu lah satu cube. So dua cube untuk seekor. This has to be fed EVERY SINGLE DAY. Bagi ayam rebus OR HPW.
Calcium - Tak payah sangat sebab diorang dah adult. Bagi je yang ada jual dekat kedai tu. All those Glider Calcium and stuff.

Pellet - EVERYDAY. (I was shocked jugak sebab I hate pellets) Anyway, the vet knows best so ikut je la.

Fruits - Bagi tapi tak banyak sangat pun tak apa. CONTOH : Like suku apple pon dah cukup kuantiti nye. Jangan bagi apple je ye.


So the vet did a medical check up for them, they have Parasite dalam badan mereka. 
PUNCA parasit can come from LIVE Mealworms, LIVE Crickets, and also boleh didapati dari SG lain. Like masa kite adopt mereka, mereka kan bercampur dgn SG lain. If satu ade parasite, memang yang lain akan kene gak.

So the cost for all this adalah :
1 deworm
antibiotic for parasite 14 days
medical check up

Adress :
Healing Rooms,
Wisma Dicor, Jln ss17/1A,
Dr. Premnita : 03-56376166

Girls and Guys, I know maybe kite terkejut dengan all these information. Saya pun sama. But dengan pengalaman VET ni, I believe she's right. So up to kite semua, nak change their diet ke tak. Tanda tanda awal Hind Leg Paralysis is the glider being shaky bile berpaut. Bukan yang vibrate tu. So lebih baik kita elakkan. InshaAllah. 

We made another appointment next Wednesday to bawak si kecik kecik pula pergi check up. I will go there so maybe I can take pics and gather more info, so I can share it with all of you.


-ang! ang!-


  1. owh. pellet kne bg everyday? slame ni org gtaw i pellet xpyh. gud info fira. ;)

  2. that's what the vet told. tu la, i pon dulu pernah bagi pellet, but then stop sebab taik die busuk skit la bila bagi. tapi i guess, start bagi balik la kot.

  3. for d sake of ur babies, u shud la i guess. i pn igt na bwk babies i gi vet la. sje na check. vet u mcm okei je ;)

  4. kt utube de gak s0rg vet neh ckp pallet f0od kne sllu de dlm cage di0rg,.as a supplement beside fruits n veggies,.fira,thanks c0z b4 this mmg sy xprnh ta0 if suggie yg prgnant xleh mam th0se fruits,.huhu,.i've fed Mya buah2 2 time Mya prgnant,.huhu,.luckily n0thing happend 2 mya,.i'll keep that in mind,.thanks! ^-^

  5. tu la, i pon dulu bagi je Ginger bagi makan betik and mango. Bagi betik konon nak bykkan calcium. silap rupenye:(
    xpe.. sama sama belajar :)

  6. i pon ske Dr. prem tu. she is very young,friendly. but sometimes she's talk toooooo fast. hehe

  7. zafirah...ce tgk sini...rasanya memang betul pellet is better..lebih bersih..huhu

  8. zaf pellet gn yugort drop xsame kan?

  9. For a person who owns more than 3 gliders I am quite amazed you never bring them to a vet before to deworm them. The most common knowledge after you bring back sugar glider(s) is that you must bring them to a vet to deworm them as you basically don't know their backgrounds nor health before that. Does all your sugar gliders experiencing the same problems with parasites ? In actual, after you deworm them for the 1st time and in time when you're planning to try & feed them mealworms & crickets, you must bring them to the vet again to do normal checkups and see if the gliders need to be deworm again or not. I've had many dealing with Healing Rooms in the past & recent with Dr. Jenny (that is now being replaced with the young Dr. Prem which is very dedicated & helpful) Dr. Jenny still helping out with major cases as I heard. May I know how you came to the point where you think the previous vet gave the wrong medicine to your sugar glider (s)?

    Vets try their best to treat animals that they think they can treat. Sugar gliders are still new and not much research is done on their anatomy and how to treat them in vet school, so many vets are treating sugar gliders base on their knowledge on treating mammals, particularly with small animals like mice and rats. Sugar gliders have only been in the pet industry for the last 20-odd years, so it is hard for vets to understand them.

    We in Malaysia are fortunate to have a few vets that have decided to study and treat small mammals like sugar gliders. Dr Vellayan, the retired head vet of the National Zoo and Dr Jenny, a dedicated vet who tries her best in treating sugar gliders and other exotic animals. Once awhile they may make mistakes but we should not blame them since a lot of treatments involve trial and error. They try their best to help and are honest when they could not.

    So choose a vet wisely. If they do not know what a sugar glider is, then explain to them. We cannot blame vets who do not know what a sugar glider is coz it never was an animal species in thier studies in vet school. They learn through practice and experience. When your glider needs treatment, best to look for a vet who is honest and can tell you if he or she is able to treat your glider. I would stick to the 2 vets I trust because they have taken the initiative to know what is a glider and to study on how to treat it.

    I've read your blog and all you entries in the Suggie Shop facebook page and all I can see is you're not sharing but 'SPOON FEEDING' others on how to take care of their sugar gliders. Rather than advicing them to do their own research, read notes and searching info by themselves. I do not see any advice or comment that you made about teaching others to be independent. I give credits to the Suggie Shop admin ( I don't know his name)as he's doing a great job at helping out educating people about sugar gliders. Kudos to him.

    Only my two cents. You can ignore this entry or delete it. Good day.

  10. hi. I appreciate your comment.
    Actually, the vet from Healing Rooms is the one that told me that the previous vet gave the wrong medicine to Ginger. I do not know anything about the meds and stuff. And I never spoon feed poeple, I just share the infos that I know. Like the info from Dr. Prem, after I heard all this, I immediately shared it.
    Let me make this clear again and again, I am not a sugar glider expert. I am just a normal suggie owner that decided to blog about them. Im not here to teach people how to take care of them because I am learning as well. And I just took care of them for one year. ONLY one year. That's why I need more owners to share infos and help each other.
    Please don't think that im here, trying to tell people how they should take care of their gliders. nope!
    Your comment is really helpful for me and other. Thanks alot. I am open to all criticism and advices and stuff, as long as it will help all owners to improve, including me.
    and yes, besides all the vets, I do ask for the Suggie Shop's owner for advices and yes, he gave me good advices.

    Again, I never said this vet is good, this vet is not good. If anyone asks me, I answer all three vets that I've been to. Just apparently, according to DR. PREM, one vet gave the wrong med to Ginger. That's all.

    And, THIS BLOG IS ABOUT MY FIVE SUGAR GLIDERS. How I raised them, ada salah, ada betul. Yang mana salah, betulkan, and yang mana betul, remain it that way. This blog is a personal blog and not for ALL sugar gliders in general.

    Thank you :)

  11. Theres a reason why all the bloggers start to blogging, which is to write whatever they feel like writing. They can write about their life, family and anything including their own shit. Its her choice to write about her Five sugar gliders and i believe that she doesnt mean to spoon feed the newcomer, juz wanted to share her experience and some important information that might help this small creature. Sugar glider is a small creature that need to be handled with care, not a car that can go through alot of modification and experiment. So we must try our best to share and stop the stupidity and arrogant attitude. Remember, all of us are once a newcomer also. Nuff said

  12. after reading you comment, I just browsed thru my blog just to make sure that I'm not giving any wrong infos or anything, and all i see is
    How I bond with my gliders, how Ginger got pregnant, how i set up their cage, their attitude and characteristics, how i started to sew, where I shop, <---- those are personal topics.

    Thank you.

  13. zafirah tuk baby suggie cmne lak protien, fellet n calsium. i by my suggie ayam rebus twice a week. xpe ke ha ?

  14. oh one more thing medical check up ni elok bile ar. i mean 6bln skli ke..

  15. im sorry mira. i cant answer ur soalan la. u need to tanye saiful. die lebih tahu kot bab bab ni. so sorry :(

  16. thanks for this entry zaff..byk info2 bguna..
    as for the pallet matter...i mmg byk sg i pallet, sometimes hpw..but Giselle totally reject hpw..

    Gambit je yg bleh mkn hpw.. but i mmg rs pallet mmg bgus ntuk sg..Giselle dulu bulu2 ny gugur, but after i wat research skit n tnye2 org..then i tukar diet dier..after mkn pallet, bulu2 dier dh tumbuh balik..

    * i dont think u spoon feed ur reader, i mean its ur blog kan, so u're telling people how u raise n taking care of ur glider.. to give people the idea on how to... stil diaorg kena wat research sendiri lah ntuk becoma a better owner of sg.. tue depend kt msg2 lh..atleast ur blog membantu diaorg.. i pun de write skit2 psl my sg kt blog.

    so kudos to u! :)

  17. for protain try give your suger glider telur rebus yg kuning dia aje.

  18. May i know the address at batu pahat that guy which sell the glider so i can meet him to buy things for my glider

  19. I actually know who wrote as the anonymous. But that doesn't matter anyway, healthy criticisms are tolerated im sure. :)

  20. tp my suggies xnk sentuh palle lngsung cmne?

  21. Dear zafirah n all owNers of sG.. I ev a situatioN.. My baBy's skin oN his beLLy are criusly in pain.. It such like inflamation @ irritation.. I juz dunno what hapPend! Its so sudDen.. People said it was cauSeD by stress.. With resPect.. I know he's not stress.. Bcoz die sgt manje n aktif.. Vet is closeD 2day.. If oNLy I could ease d pain a bit 4 him.. Is there anything that I can do 4 him while waiting 4 toMoro? N plz doa 4 my kyuBi-chan guys.. Would really2 apprcte it.. -Idzwar-

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