Saturday, 4 June 2011

My all time favorite shop!

Suggie Shop is my all time favorite shop because di sana ada macam macam barang! Bukan sahaja pouches, malah I can find everything I need there such as HPW, cage accessories, cages, wheels, treats, etc. The service is also very nice. Since i adopted Ginger and Jazmin there (I haven't introduced you to her yet), I get a free manicure and pedicure session there! Of course the session is not for me la, but for my babies! Ala, servis potong kuku la senang cite. Dengan adanya servis sebegini, tak payah la saya nak kejar Glittle sana sini untuk potong kuku :) 
The shop is located in Shah Alam, and all the details are in the owner's Facebook. Just click here. Aduh panjang sangat la kalau nak bercerita pasal kedai ni, why don't we just take a look! Let the pictures speak for itself.

Okay, I swear ada macam macam lagi! If you wanna know more, just go and click on Suggie Shop di atas. I am not responsible for any of these products. So far, Glittle and Ginger grew up with this shop. Thank You!

-ang! ang!-


  1. pls kasi detail address shop di shah alam ni.tq

  2. add him at facebook, dia boleh bagi alamat. I can't explain sebab cam kat apartment.