Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Two new born sugar gliders coming right up!

Alhamdulillah! Happy tears, Happy tears :D
After waiting and peeking and waiting and peeking Ginger's tummy for two whole months, FINALLY keluar juga those tiny little cute creatures. 
Approaching the second month of the in-pouch period, I only saw little organs peeking out from Ginger. First I saw a glimpse of a hand, haaaa, jangan main main, tangan tu siap ada kuku lagi tu! Those tiny fingers made me cry happy tears. Then I started seeing a BLACK thing coming out of her tummy, it was like a string! It was a tail!!! Well, sometimes two. Then once in a while I would see like a leg coming out. Takot juga kan mula mula, yela, tak tahu sehat ke tak. Kaki dia tu macam tinyy tiny chicken wing! Everything was pink. There were no fur at all. 
Untill one fine day, One came out! I am not really sure which one, but it was soooo cute! Saya cuma usap sikit sahaja. Ginger tak marah pon. Some mothers marah tau kalau orang pegang anak die. Anak dia was so tiny, fragile, comel, ada campur geli geli sikit. ehehe. Mata pon tak boleh buka lagi. Then selang dua hari, the other one that had been inside the whole time, came out! ALHAMDULILLAH! 
I knew I was gonna get two joeys or now i call them "cucus" sebab dah jadi cucu la kira kan. So I prepared Four names, Garlic, Glukos, Gremlin and Grumpy. Pilih punya pilih, I chose Garlic and Glukos! Garlic is female and Glukos is male. 

WAIT! Don't get me wrong, these tiny babies still live in Ginger's pouch for about a month and a half. They start by just playing outside for a while, then go back in to sleep and drink milk. Then lama kelamaan, they just go in and out whenever they want. Even though mereka lepak luar dari pouch Ginger, they will still go in for milk. Sampai kepala dah betol betol tak muat, mulut je muat. Lepas lepas tu baaaru kire fully boleh hidup tanpa susu Ginger.

I just want to say that I am EXTREMELY happy to have another two suggies in my tiny family. They just light up my day! And, tak dilupakan, Ginger, Thanks for being so strong dalam menghadapi the maternity period. She was still active even though the babies looked very heavy for her. Ginger is a strong Woman Glider! And Glittle, Thanks for being a good husband to Ginger, you always groom her whenever you feel like it. I love all of you! And I know you love me too:)

-ang! ang!-


  1. zafirah,.nk tnya,.ginger de bunyik2 x time ank2 dia nk nyusu?huhu,.

  2. bunyik2. kadang kadang nampak cam die rimas. mebi cam sakit kot.

  3. huhu,.sme with Mya,.when i refer 2 s0me page,the s0und mean that she's crying,.im n0t sure whether bby 0r c ibu yg kuarkn bnyi 2,.tk0t gak tgk c0z Mya cm ggit2 mnje her kids smbil bnyi2 cm mrh bl di0rg nk nyusu,.aig0o,.h0pefully this time c j0eys leh mmbesar dgn sehat,.btw, luv ur bl0g! ^-^

  4. Thanx for loving my blog :D makes me happy!

  5. fira,.i've f0und 0ut psl bnyi 2 already,.
    just wanna share with u s0 u can share dgn 0ther readers gak
    if c ibu bnyik cm mrh2,we have 2 keep an eye 2 j0ey c0z sllu nye if c ibu mrh,mean dia akn reject j0ey 2,.b4 this sy xsure n blur about this,tp i've xperienced this twice,.n luckily de lg s0rg j0ey yg Mya xreject,.dlm kes sy Mya g0t 2 j0eys,.1 dia reject n an0ther she tke a g0od care of it,.s0 just nk gta0 if sp2 yg de kes mcm sy neh asingkn j0ey yg kne reject 2 klu nk dia slmt,.n if sg 2 0k n xbnyik2 mrh,that mean they safe with their m0m

    hihi,.s0ri tlis pjg2,.just isa0 if there's s0mebdy yg tgh face the same pr0b as me.tenkiu!^-^

  6. salam kak zafirah, nak tanya mcm mana nak beli sugar glide ni ?

  7. semalam aini tengok dekat majalah 3 kan, ada tunuk kedai dia dekat kajang, tapi kajang tu dekat mana ? (: