Sunday, 19 June 2011

Random days - cuci pouch, ayam rebus!

Hello, I just want to share what I do on a random Saturday. So memandangkan I was at home, I just spent time with my babies. Cuci cage, cuci pouch, played with them, and gave them Ayam Rebus! Haaa this is the first time i'm giving it to Garlic, Glukos and Jazmin. Glittle and Ginger dah biasa makan dah. I give them ayam rebus occasionally. So here are some some pics that I wanna share. Sikit je, tak banyak :)

Those are just half of the pouches that I own, sekali dengan hammock sekali  and a bit of toys :) Ok, moving on, ni pulak gambar gambar cucu makan ayam rebus. They LOVE it soooo much, they couldn't stop eating! Bila dekat tangan Garlic dah habis, dia pergi curi ayam kat tangan Jazmin. Comel sangat! Dahla makan bersepah! Oh sorry I took these pics from my Blackberry so gambar takde quality sikit :)

Oh, Gambar yang first sekali tu, that's the amount that I boiled for all five of them. I only gave the babies sikit sahaja because I didn't want them to have too much protein nanti tak seimbang pulak. Okey, for those of you who haven't tried yet, you can try giving them ayam rebus because they just L-O-V-E it so much!

-ang! ang!-


  1. pouch 2 u beli or buat sendiri ek?

  2. ade yang beli, ada yang jahit sendiri..